Aspen -- Just Be Good To Me (Extended Mix)

A hot new track from Aspen, released this year (we are 24 days into it as this was typed -- a little nugget of useless information for you there)

With a throbbing, good quality, rich beat throughout.

Add some vocals and a thick, deep sound and you have the track.

I can see that this would make for some excellent remixes into other tracks, perhaps a Kraftwerk high-pace semi-remix.

Rather interestingly, this track is not for sale, but for promotional purposes for the Dance Project.

Female tree-bitch ahead, grab axe.. swing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrMezojqFZE


(Don't forget to click into 480P mode in the YT viewer)


Ntrance -- Set You Free

An epic, insanely popular smash of a track.

Needing no introduction to any lover of music and/or follower of the charts, this belter shot straight to the top (bar one) of the charts way back in '95. (Well, the number two slot anyway.)

Released again in 2001 as a not-quite-so-classic tune, you just can't beat the original. Apart from the film "Airplane II" that IS better than the original.

Things to listen for: Kelly Llorenna's distinctive vocals.

Whale Ho! -- Grab spear, throw: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bcf5kzBCdy4


(Don't forget to click HQ, if you have the bandwidth for it!)

York -- On The Beach

First post of the new year, lets get straight to business...

... Another golden, electronic oldie!

If you haven't ever heard this you are either:

A: Newly born, congratulations on adding to the surplus population whilst contributing nothing but shitty nappies.

B: Stupid.

Lets get on with the music and stop the bitching.

I believe it was released back in 99/00. If that's wrong email one of the "team of one" here at MMP.

Give it a stab: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FF9P5xcCzb4


(Best quality I could find at a reasonable source, if it's not up to scratch, use one of the YT url tricks that are so commonly found online.)