Prodigy, The -- Ruff In The Jungle

Ruff In'a Jungawl. In'a jungawl, in'a jungawl, in'a jungawl, in'a, in'a jungle.......... RUFF! (SHOUT THIS AND REPEAT FROM START)

(Don't you feel better for having participated in some of "The Prodigy?")(Thought so! 8-) )

Whilst the lyrics aren't particularly complicated to remember, when played with high quality ferocious sound systems it is quite the energetic piece.

Give it a bonk (Not like that you sick fuckers!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=be1C-VQphDU


(I apologize for the muppets in the video, I was SOOO not in the mood to do a lot of searching for a mega-quality video feed. It's not like you couldn't look yourselves anyways, I always do the legwork around here and frankly it's getting tiring. haha)

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