Dire Straits -- Money For Nothing

"Money for nothing and chicks for free, we've got to move these refrigerators, we've got to move these colour tv's..."

It's a very high energy video containing flashing colours in a semi-neon hand-drawn overlay style.

The song has been noted as controversial on the grounds of containing supposedly sexist, racist and homophobic lyrics. You can blame Knopfler and Sting for this as they both share the credit for writing the track.

On a side note: Rolling Stone listed it *94 on the "greatest guitar song of all time" list.

Another plus for the video is that it contains then-groundbreaking computer animation where the polygon count enters the hundreds, dated by todays standards, but it's plenty clear enough to be visually appealing.

The animation was mastered and created by Ian Pearson and Gavin Blair utilizing a Bosch FGS-4000 CGI system.

Give it a crash:



(Things to watch for in the video: An enourmous drumkit, Knopfler doing a little leap off stage, perfectly timed with the beat and two other music videos.)

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