Robert Plant -- 29 Palms

Perhaps not Plant's best known track, but a seriously easy going track none the less. Released back in '93 by Led Zeppelin's front man.

Robert "Percy" Plant was born in West Bromwich going a while back.. 1948.

During the 60's Plant did many jobs alongside his music career, one of which was laying tarmac on ol' Englands roads.

Tragically in July 1977 his oldest son "Karac" died at the age of five from a fatal stomach infection, worse still, Plant was touring with Led Zep in the 'states. This left "Percy" in great shock and he recluded for a fair time, mourning the loss of his eldest son.

Given time, young Karac's passing inspired Plant to write "All My Love" in tribute, which incidentally featured on Led Zep's last studio LP, "In Through the Out Door" which was let loose during '79.

Do some research and find it yourself. 8-)

For now, 29 Palms:



(I used to play this track a lot, it's lost a little of it's appeal, but it still worms it's way into the playlist now and then. Video: MBR, GC, visual quality not so hot. I actually found the sound quality to be superior when not in HQ mode, but I am running different audio gear to the average listener.)

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