Sheryl Crow -- If It Makes You Happy

Yes, I know it's another old song, but there is far too much semi-manufactured stuff at the moment, cutting through it is like trying to slice granite with a pallette knife MADE of butter.

Whilst there is good stuff, it's just not as easy to catalog, easy to go with files I have onboard that I can refer to while doing this.

Sheryl's singing in this track lends itself to very nearly being a breakup song, a nicely loud, partly-angry song that's really easy to sing along to whether your good or bad at it.

"You can't spell gold without OLD."

Give it a play:


(Apologies for the crappy dynamic gain in the video and lack of general "oomph" but I wanted the original video to illustrate that you can be a complete mong and still sell cds by the bakers dozen)


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