Avalanches, The -- Frontier Psychiatrist

A most excellent song, if a little repetitive.

A must watch video too.. view it to find out why. 8-)

(I particularly love the drummer and the smile they offer whilst casually smashing those drum heads)

It's recently been used (two years back) in an advertisement for Seat cars, albeit a slightly cleaner sounding version and with some added reverb and warper effects.

Essentially it's the same thing, just in a different shell.

OR if you prefer it's the same shell with a different kernel.

Get your 'eds around that then!

Have a smash on it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgeKfzD5PlU


(Don't forget to click HQ in the YT player! Whilst i'm not sure if it makes much difference in this particular sample it does seem to enable a fuller sound and possibly some very light signal processing in better quality videos.)

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