Vibrasphere -- Manzanilla

This is 09:02 you'll not regret taking time out for.

With beautiful melodic riffs and clarity that is difficult to fathom, this track may well take you to a place safer and more wonderful than anything you had previously known.

Listen to it, there's precious little that mere words and letters can do to describe it.

Lie back, get all your best sound gear warmed up ((all 19+ drivers)twenty minutes or so before) and travel far far away, into another dimension of your limitless consciousness, your psyche is set to swirl.

Ready... Fight!:

10☆/10★ -- A rarity indeed, a sublime track has to have a sublime score.

(Interestingly the quality seems to be of a fairly good standard, but I have done a complete retune of everything recently so perhaps that has something to do with it. By all means if you come across a higher quality legal feed, a good *.FLAC for example, let us at MMP know!)

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