Vibrasphere -- Tierra Azul (Gem)

I know, i've been handing out too many 10☆/10★ recently, but this is another one where it's appropriate.

Plus the fact that I am head of the "team of one" here at MMP and I alone make the rules, which in turn means that I alone can "bend" the rules, so there.

As always if you have any complaints take them up with the customer service department, who will give you the "single finger salute."

Anyways, on with the music! A proper beaut of a track.

Do some damage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAuQFgClvyQ&fmt=18


(The quality of the above video is better in sound than in picture quality, at least it was on this machine. If you are having trouble with the video, or just have a shite connection.. try the bandwidth reduced non-HQ video --

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